Meet our starting lineup

We make magic happen!

To make this magic happen though, our team has to consist of only the best players.

We believe that we have found the best – in fact, we’re so sure of it, that we wanted you to meet our dream team.

Kevin Bouwer

Head Coach

The brains behind the operation; Kevin, has dedicated himself to the world of pep talks, tackles, free-kicks, team huddles, off-sides and passing.

Different to most, however; Kevin delved further, to understand the science behind these things.

Under his leadership, not only has Sports Analytics grown from strength to strength, but also the teams that Sports Analytics has worked with.

Jaques Matthee

Assistant Coach

Jacques Matthee, the General Manager of Sports Analytics’ South Africa
is a busy man.

When he’s not mapping out tactical advances for the future of Sports Analytics, he’s overseeing every move that the team makes – from boot camp to match day, Jacques is an invaluable member of the team, without whom; structure and important objectives may be missed.

Jason Mazaris

Starting Lineup

When it’s crunch time, Jason is the man you want on your team. 

in charge of quality control, jason Ensures that only the highest quality data is presented to our clients on time.

With roots in rugby going back to before his earliest memories, jason’s passion for the game shows in all that he does for the team.

Ronald Louw

Starting Lineup

Another busy man, Ronald has been a referee by trade for over fifteen years.

In charge of the Rugby Analytics LIVE division, Ronald oversees & controls all teamsheets, player databases, match centers & fixtures.

On an annual basis, this translates to over 800 captured games and management of a pool of over 25+ coders!

Nkululeko Ndlovo

Starting Lineup

It’s one thing to use the term “grass roots”. It’s another to invest oneself in it.

Ask nkulu about any young, up-and-coming player and he will give you all the details that you need to know. Nkulu truly believes in the future of Sports Analytics & plays a big part in achieving our objectives.

Nkulu is one of our senior post match coders, but also manages our client’s junior teams.

Richard Graaff

Starting Lineup

Not just a pretty face, Richard is exceptionally knowledgeable and can operate most sports analytics software packages with ease.

Apart from post match coding, richard is also the manager of our Hudl Assist program for schoolboy rugby, on a global level.

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